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#ultrasoundreportduringpregnancy #ultrasoundscaninpregnancy #ultrasoundgenderreveal #sonographyinpregnancy SONOGRAPHY IN PREGNENCY-SONOGRAPHY-ULTRASOUND IN PREGNENCY Ultrasound is one of the most useful procedures for monitoring a baby’s prenatal development. With Ultrasound doctors can check for defect of the head, spines, chest, and limbs and diagnose serious condition like placenta Previa or breech birth and also check to see whether the mother will have twins or triplets. Ultrasound can be used anytime during pregnancy from 5th week until delivery. It uses inaudible sound waves to see the baby inside the uterus. These sound waves bounce off solid structures in the body and are transformed into an image on a screen. How ultrasound is performed Before some scan your doctor instruct you not to eat or drink for as many as 6 hrs, before your appointment. For other you may be asked to drink up to 6 glasses of water 2hrs prior to your exam, and avoid urinating so that your bladder is full when the scan begins. You are most likely be laying down on a table with a section of your body exposed for the test. An ultrasound technician, will apply a special lubricating jelly to your skin. This prevent friction so they can rub the ultrasound transducer on your skin. After the procedure, the gel will be cleaned off of your skin. The whole procedure typically last less than 30 minute, depending on the area being examined. You will be free to go about your normal activities after the procedure has finished. WATCH THIS VIDEO TO KNOW MORE ABOUT SONOGRAPHY Video source: Watch this video till end. Don’t forget to like and subscribe **** Popular videos: Anatomy of human Heart: DNA fingerprinting: Anatomy and physiology of Respiratory system: Colour Blind Test: How to Measure Blood pressure: Follow me on Social website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: ** Don’t forget to subscribe and Like the Video and press the bell icon to stay update *** For more visit: ✎ for general inquiries email us at: KNOWLEDGE PLAYLIST Educational -

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